Mid-Term Review of CO-CLEAN Project

27 October 2021
Mid-Term Review of CO-CLEAN Project

The Mid-Term Review Meeting of CO-CLEAN project, organized by the Municipality of Brindisi, was held on 27th October 2021 in Palazzo Guerrieri of Brindisi and in online form. The meeting was attended by representatives of the five project partners: Municipality of Brindisi, Municipality of Racale, COSIB, Municipality of Vlore and Municipality of Berane.

The purpose of the meeting was to get updated with the progress of the project activities for each partner: in particular, almost all the partners have finished the ex-ante evaluation for the implementation of their pilot actions, which will start in the short period. Particularly:

  • Municipality of Brindisi’s pilot action is the efficiency of the Sant'Elia-Commenda Comprehensive Institute in order to provide renewable energy to the community and to the school itself through the installation of a photovoltaic system;
  • Municipality of Racale’s pilot action is the energy efficiency intervention on the municipal swimming pool through the installation of a photovoltaic system that will allow the self-production of electricity from renewable sources and the storage of surplus;
  • COSIB’s pilot action is the updating of the current air conditioning system dating back to 1998 and with high consumption energy in its administrative headquarters;
  • Municipality of Vlore’s pilot action is the installation of solar panels on a municipal nursery;
  • Municipality of Berane’s pilot action is the installation of a heating system in the Municipal Cultural Center.

Also, the meeting aimed to address the delays in project implementation and tackle arising issues that are affecting the project activities. All the partner are currently facing a difficult situation because of the Covid-19, so a stronger spirit of collaboration will be fundamental in order to move forward with the project activities.