CO-CLEAN, Start-up Launching Seminar in Vlore

03 September 2021
CO-CLEAN Start-up Launching Seminar in Vlore

The Start-up Launching Seminar of the project CO-CLEAN “CO-designed and implementation of local sustainable energy action”, organized by the Municipality of Vlora, was held on Friday 03 September 2021 at the “Pallati i Kulturës” of Vlora, in Albania.

Authorities, expert technicians and participants were the protagonists of this day dedicated to CO-CLEAN, whose aim is to increase energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies in the involved territories through the implementation of innovative and consolidated actions, training and awareness-raising activities.

Specifically, the project foresees for the Municipality of Vlora, the installation of solar panels on a municipal nursery ​located in the western part of the city of Vlora. This will have a significant improvement of the well-being of the indoor environment as well as a reduction of energy costs.

Several topics were addressed during the event. After a general introduction of the project, its objectives and activities, the discussion focused on the need to implement efficiency measures and renewable resources in the building. In particular, the participants explored issues concerning the preliminary diagnosis of energy and the feasibility study on public building of Kindergarten N. 5 in the Vlora Municipality.