A photovoltaic plant for the Istituto Comprensivo Sant’Elia-Commenda of Brindisi

28 November 2021
A photovoltaic plant for the Istituto Comprensivo Sant’Elia-Commenda of Brindisi

In the frame of CO-CLEAN Project, the Municipality of Brindisi will install a photovoltaic plant on the roof of the school "Istituto comprensivo S.Elia-Commenda", in this way implementing energy efficiency measures within a public building and providing renewable energy to the community and the school itself.

Before the installation of panels, the Municipality will first carry out a feasibility study on an ex-ante energy diagnosis, to report the school’s energy consumption. Obviously, the project also includes an ex-post energy monitoring and analysis of the results reached.

The photovoltaic plant, with an estimated nominal power of about 20 kWp, will be connected to the public grid and will supply energy to the school itself and to households of the energy community, in this way reducing energy bills (thanks to a new feed in tariff granted by the Italian law) and bringing economic and environmental benefits to the whole community. The equipment will also include hybrid inverter and all components for the complete rule of the system, including devices and software for the management and recording of self-consumed energy.

Together with the effects previously mentioned, CO-CLEAN also aims also at increasing the awareness and transmit knowledge on energy use and on environmental, economic and social benefits arising from both the creation of energy communities and the replication of self-consumption schemes, through an e-learning training course for public and technical employees and for local energy managers. Moreover, it intends to activate collective actions and interaction among members also based on the best practices presented during the e-learning course. Finally, it aims at the construction of mutual beneficial relationships among stakeholders in a win-win strategy and at the creation of job opportunities on energy management.

The Municipality of Brindisi is the lead partner of CO-CLEAN Project, whose overall objective is increasing energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies in the programme area through the implementation of innovative and consolidated actions, training and awareness-raising activities for citizens and stakeholders. In this sense, all the pilot actions of the project are inspired by the principles of energy democracy, consistent with EU DIRECTIVE 2018/2001 and aim at creating an energy community composed by active energy citizens or “prosumers” and SMEs. The other partners of the project are the Municipality of Racale, the Consortium for the Industrial Development of the Biferno Valley, the Municipality of Valona and the Municipality of Berane.